Logitech S715i iPod Speaker Dock

Consumers will surely be thrilled with the new launch by Logitech. The company has launched the new S7171 iPod Speaker Dock which helps users to get eight hours of more battery time. These rechargeable speakers have a 3.5mm aux in socket, universal dock connector and IT remote control. It comes in an amazing aerodynamic shape. It has used neodymium tweeters and drivers for each speaker. Apart from the looks, the increase in battery life is the main feature why someone would like to buy it. The sound output is crisp and superior due to the 8 custom designed speakers. The wireless remote makes it very convenient to use the speakers. The speaker doc is affordable and has great features. As it helps to use the iPod for longer hours, it is very good and should be used by all. The enhanced sound quality just adds to the experience to hear the favorite music.

Samsung’s PL90 Camera

The PL90 camera is a new 12.2 mega pixel camera from Samsung. The camera has a built in USB connector which helps the user to click and also connect to a laptop or computer when they are on the move. There is no need to use wires and cables to transfer the images. This also makes it easy to share the images and the videos easily with family and friends. With the USB connector the users can also charge the battery and this ensures that they do not run out of battery. Consumers can click the perfect pictures with this using the Smart Auto feature. This ensures that the camera adjusts to the surroundings instantly and on its own ensuring a beautiful picture. A perfectly tailored and beautiful picture can be captured easily using the capture button irrespective of day or night. There are several modes in the Perfect Portrait system which also helps to take better photographs.

Toshiba Portégé R705 Review

The range of ultra portable notebooks from Toshiba has a new member, the Toshiba Protégé R705. The laptop is a must buy for all those who want a protégé and there are no doubts about this. The notebook is affordable and is light and thus can be easily carried around. One can hold the book with one hand and this makes it so simple to work when on the move.

The machine looks incredibly stylish. The laptop has an Intel Core i3-350M processor and a 4GB memory. It has a gigabit Ethernet and supports wifi. It also uses the WiDi technology. It has a Windows 7 operating system and it has a fixed configuration. The laptop has a 13.3 inch screen with a multi touch track pad and a back lit keyboard. Amazing performance, great looks, easy on the pocket, light to carry; there is nothing else left to be desired in this notebook.

Braun’s Classic Coffee Pot

A cup of coffee which everyone relishes at all times. The Braun coffee maker is the perfect choice for all coffee lovers. This classic coffee pot is stylish to look at and has all the necessary features that a good coffee maker should have. The price is reasonable and this makes it very affordable. There are not many extras in this which makes it simple to operate and also makes the coffee maker very user friendly. The price is good, and it is very durable and it brews an amazing cup of coffee easily. The coffee maker has been used by many and it has got excellent features and one can get a good cup of coffee easily. This is the right purchase for all those people who like to have a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. With the stylish design, affordable price and the amazing coffee, there is nothing left to think about.

Logitech 7.1 Surround Sound G930 Gaming Headset

For all gaming enthusiasts there is the new Logitech 7.1 Surround Sound G930 Gaming headset. The headset is bound to enhance the experience of the players. It has a dual benefit wherein it can be used as 7.1 surround sound device together with three G keys which are programmable in one device and it also allows one to go wireless. The wireless has a range of up to 40 feet. The foam headband is comfortable and the sound controls can be customized. With a single USB connection one can power the wireless adaptor and charge the headset. With the box one gets the headset, charging base, USB wireless adaptor, user documentation and software CD.

The headset comes with a warranty of two years and it is compatible with Windows Vista, XP or Windows 7, Linux, Mac OS X. it is moderately priced considering the features it has and the amazing gaming experience it provides to the users.

Logitech G700 Gaming Mouse

Like any other computer hardware, the mouse is also evolving each day. Recently, Logitech announced the Gaming mouse, G700. The mouse has multiple profiles, thirteen configurable buttons and is comfortable to use and this can enable the user to use it for playing for long hours.

The packaging of the mouse is the same as many other Logitech mouse. In the box, one gets the G700, receiver extension cable, gaming receiver and a charging cable. The mouse is designed for right hand gamers and has an amazing design. The grip of the mouse is good and this makes it very comfortable to be used for long hours. There are 13 buttons on the mouse and most of these can be discovered easily and can be used by touch. All buttons have labels and this makes the placement of the buttons very functional and easily accessible. The mouse is great and a must buy for all who want a gaming mouse.

Sanyo’s New Waterproof HD Camcorder

Sanyo has come up with many eater proof camcorders but the Sanyo VPC-CA102YL is the new entrant and certainly the best. The camera has a 12x double range zoom, full HD, 2.7 inch LCD screen and it can be used without a problem in 10 feet of water.

The camera comes in a yellow color. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor adventure. It is sleek and compact and can be carried in the pocket also or any bag easily. It is small and fits into the palm of the user. The camera is durable and can be used in any weather condition. The video format used by the camera is convenient which makes it very easy to share the videos. The media that is created can be imported to other portable devices and also can be edited easily. It has a lithium ion battery and can also be charged using a USM port.

Blackberry torch 9800

The Blackberry Torch 9800 is a new entrant in the market and is an amazing phone with many features. The web browsing in the phone is exceptional as one can surf many websites at one point. One can open new tabs, and open new sites. It is easy to select and play media files in the phone.

The phone has a touch screen and all that one needs to do is to tap on the file they want to play. The camera of the phone is also good as it allows one to take pictures, set the size, view slideshows and share photographs too. The 5 megapixel camera has continuous auto focus, flash, new scene modes and image stabilization. The phone has a visual, fluid interface which gives a dynamic and integrated experience to the user. The phone has a memory of 8 GB and there are some splendid multimedia features one can enjoy.