Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is one of the latest releases from Samsung which has been received with a warm response in the tech market. According to the experts, the new launch is the ideal follow-up of the original Galaxy Note, courtesy its amazing features. The Note 2 is slightly bigger in size (5.9 “ by 3.2” by 0.4”) than its predecessor but without getting cumbersome for the user. It weighs round 183 g and is available in white & silver shades. The phone runs on the cutting edge Android 4.1.2 and hence the user is ensured of a state of the art operation here. The Note 2 is engineered with a superior Quad Core 1.6 GHz Exynos processor & 2 GB of RAM. The phone features a S-pen slot.

The Galaxy Note 2 users are in all praise for its amazing Super AMOLED High Definition screen which is slightly larger in size in comparison to the 5.3” of the Galaxy note- don’t worry the pixel density isn’t compromised much. You will simply love how immaculately the phone replicates colors. Samsung has powered its phone with an additional microSD card slot to help you with a larger memory capacity. Besides, there is a microSIM slot as well, concealed behind the large 3,100 mAh phone battery.

Then, the new Samsung phone comes up with a good 8 MP camera at the back that promises 3264 by 2448 pixels. The camera offers flash and zoom facilities. A front-faced camera is available as well with sensors up-top. The Note 2 customers will have a lot of options when it comes to connectivity. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 supports Bluetooth, GPS, HSDPA, NFC, Wi-Fi and USB. In regards to pricing, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will take you somewhat like 615 USD or 430 pounds.

Top 3 defects of android phone

defects of androidAndroid is the latest development of technology. It is an operating used widely in the mobile phones these days. In a very short time, android operating system has occupied a special place in the heart of the people. There are many amazing features of the android operating system. These attractive and indeed useful features are the main reasons why people are considering buying android phone over any other mobile phones. But in spite of having a number of attractive features, there are certain disadvantages of the android mobile phones as well. For this reason few people say that android phone is not suitable to serve the purpose it is actually meant for.

The first and the biggest problem of the android phone is the battery backup. The battery of any android phone does not have much of usable time. This is because android being a highly advanced operating system, whether or not you are using the phone, there are certain processes which run on the back ground. These processes do require certain amount of charge and thus the battery standby time is automatically reduced. Though there are many attractive features and applications in the android phones, but while using you have to be very careful since prolonged use of those applications will lead to the reduction of battery charge at a very fast rate.

Android phone is also much prone to virus attack leading to crashing of the whole system. As with any other operating system, android can be easily attacked by virus. Thus you have to use antivirus softwares to protect the operating system and your device from the attack of any foreign software program. Installing a antivirus and using it not is not much difficult, but the price of some authentic and good antivirus is much high and will definitely burn a hole in your pocket.

Whenever you will use an android mobile phone, you will definitely use internet. In that case using antivirus software is essential and highly recommended to protect your device. Also as your computer becomes warm after prolonged use, same is the case with the android phone. But unlike the computers, the android mobile phones does not have any fans for cooling the internal parts and so prolonged use of android phone continuously for long period of time lead to its damage.

Advanced printing solutions for you

printing , Digital printingDigital printing has been taken to the next level thanks to advancement in technology these days. Earlier, using printers was a headache when the papers had to be of one single time,. The machines used to heat up fast and we had to arrange a thousand settings on the computer and printer to get a printout well at one go. But now, in the age of digitization, these problems are almost nonexistent.

There is no need for special printing plates and peripheral gadgets. You can sue the printer directly using any kind of digital files like a PDF file and use the graphics and settings there for a direct printout. The printout is done in a clean and fast manner and there is no heating up problems or blotting or any such nuisances. So if you are planning to go for a digital printout, make sure you just have the paper. The rest will be taken care of by technology, on which we are oh sp dependant. And rightfully!

Various benefits of 3D printing

3D printing3D printing is the latest development of technology. It has made many important works much easy now days. The companies now days can obtain realistic model of their projects in a much lesser time and much more accurately. The process of making project model out of mold manually requires much more time and in many cases lacks enough accuracy as well.

Also the cost involved in 3D printing is much less than that involved in manual construction of a project prototype. Also the model obtained by 3D printing is enough durable and can be used as show model for the customers as well.

Painting and polishing the work model obtained by 3D printing will give you the perfect representation of how the real model will look like. Since both cost and labor can be saved by the use of 3D printing technology, corporate organizations are preferring this rather than skilled manual labor for the construction of project model. Even schools these days are using 3D to give students demonstration of various biological models as well as other models related to the curriculum.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4The Samsung galaxy S4 is the latest smart phone released by Samsung in the market. It is packed with a host of features which any other smart phone will envy about. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be the dream of every gadget freak but not all can afford it following the price.

It has got a 4.99inch AMOLED display screen with full HD resolution. The ppi is 441 up from 306 that is prevalent in the Samsung Galaxy S3. It runs on the android operating system. It comes with the latest version of the Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 with the Group Play feature.

The Galaxy S4 has a 13 megapixels rear mounted camera giving a perfect photography experience.

It also allows you to capture video in 1080p full HD resolution. The memory can be expanded up to 64 GB. It is powered by 1.6Ghz eight cored processor which have made the performance of the phone quite fast.

Top 3 eco-friendly gadgets of 2013

eco-friendly gadgets, gadgetsWith the rising concern for the ecology it is best to go for eco friendly gadgets for your home and lifestyle. The top 3 eco-friendly gadgets for the year 2013 is as follows:
1. The Brunton Solar roll is a solar cell sheet made from Tefzel Fluoropolymer for durability, this can be used to charge your mobile phone, a digital camera or even your car battery using only Solar power. It comes in different models for different power output.
2. The Plexton plex eraser is the most eco friendly way to go with CDs and DVDs. They erase the data present in them completely without actual need for destroying them which releases some harmful toxins in the process.
3. The USBCell is an alkaline cell which can be charged by connecting it to the USB port of a computer. This is one great way to deal with cells that come handy for all battery operated devices.

Tips to select the best tripod

Buy tripod, camerasAre you a shutterbug hunting for the best tripod for outstanding shooting expeditions? Well, here are some suggestions on how to land up with the best tripod.

The first tip is to get a branded tripod only. Don’t go for cheap tripods as these are unworthy investments with no future. If you have saved enough money go for the carbon-fiber tripods. These are sturdy and lightweight and can be carried along easily. In case, you are little tight on budget, metal tripods would be a good choice.

Before buy your tripod, check out its features in the store itself. Set up your tripod to ensure that it can reach up to your desired height sans center column. Besides, you should also be attentive towards the leg-locks. The leg-locks should be flexible enough and allow for quick adjustment. Always remember that a credible tripod would be able to handle weight easily without much movement.

Android widgets: what are they?

Android widget, AndroidAndroids widgets are secured miniature useful application views, which can be embedded in other applications such as HOME screen, etc. and receive periodic updates. These various views are referred to as widgets in the user interface. If you are an android gadget user, then you can publish one of the widgets with an Android Widget provider. Android widgets are not fun to access but also fastest, accurate, efficient, and moreover, amazing visual. There are practically three kinds of android optimum versions. Android Sandwich Ice Cream, Android Os, Android Ginger Bread. These are mainly used in widgets like tabs and mobile tablets.

The widget’s tools are almost manufactured by various reputed companies, which are Samsung, Sony Ericson, Apple, Nokia & HTC. These are the leading companies which give you the best widgets application tools. This application provided the foremost designing view as well as if you are interested, you can create and design your own widget tools and execute your ideas on your own tech support gadget.

Review of the LG Optimus L3

 LG Optimus L3,  LG mobilesLooking for a smartphone this season? Consider the all new, simple yet elegant, classy Lg Optimus L3. There are a number of factors due to which it is considered to be a prime choice. the Android Gingerbread version comprises of almost all great features to make it a entry level smartphone. Conectivity is awesome. The processor and system memory work efficiently. The Android 2.3 version is present in Lg Optimus 3g phone. It is indeed a good communication tool. You can customize the phone as per your requirement.

The phone comes at cost effective prices and with special 3d graphics. It is available in all the leading stores worldwide. You can buy them at discounted prices or at fixed EMI’s. A touch screen that comes at never before seen price. Video calling facility is available with this phone. Hurry, to check out the exciting phone, grab one or visit the nearest mobile phone shop.

Best camcorders of 2012

 camcorders, video camerasOne of the best camcorders of the year 2012 is the Canon Vixia HV30. It has been upgraded from the HV20 and it has been well appreciated for its ability to deliver high definition videos of very high quality. The camera has a very sleek body of black and it is undoubtedly in the top of the list of all the camcorders that are present in the market.

It has a progressive mode of 30p with a lithium ion battery of high capacity Angstrom BO 2L24 H. it comes at reasonable price as well. Another good camcorder of the year 2012 is the Sony HDR CX700V. This is a very user friendly camcorder which has a camera of 12.3 mega pixels. You can record high definition movies for eight hours at a stretch with this camera. If you are working are standard resolutions n you can shoot for forty hours at one go.