Logitech S715i iPod Speaker Dock

Consumers will surely be thrilled with the new launch by Logitech. The company has launched the new S7171 iPod Speaker Dock which helps users to get eight hours of more battery time. These rechargeable speakers have a 3.5mm aux in socket, universal dock connector and IT remote control. It comes in an amazing aerodynamic shape. It has used neodymium tweeters and drivers for each speaker. Apart from the looks, the increase in battery life is the main feature why someone would like to buy it. The sound output is crisp and superior due to the 8 custom designed speakers. The wireless remote makes it very convenient to use the speakers. The speaker doc is affordable and has great features. As it helps to use the iPod for longer hours, it is very good and should be used by all. The enhanced sound quality just adds to the experience to hear the favorite music.

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