Google Gadgets available for free

Google GadgetsThere are Google gadgets that are available for free and can be displayed on the webpage or blog. These can be used for different purposes. Some of them are listed below.

Google Map Search: It is a very important gadget for travelers. It is a web mapping service. It provides road maps, people travelling on foot or by car/ bike/ public transportation. It also acts as a locator in many countries in the world without leaving the homepage. It is also helpful in looking for new shops, restaurants that have opened up etc.

Google News Feed: Adding it on your web page will allow you to stay updated till all the current issues and scenario around you. News are segregated according to various sections like sports, business etc. You can access any of them according to your interest. According to your settings, you can get several news headlines on your webpage or blog.

Weather Channel: Weather has become quite unpredictable these days. But the current weather conditions and forecasts are now made available to you at your fingertips through Weather Channel. By putting the zip code of any country, you can immediately get its weather forecast and plan your trip accordingly.

Google Translate my page: By adding this to your webpage, any reader can translate the text in different languages according to his/her preference. This can be done by people all over the world and it increases the readership of your blog or webpage.

My Notes: Hectic schedules and timetables can be done with the help of this gadget. Once it is installed on your webpage, you can make various lists to divide your work load and smoothly accomplish them. Its color coding feature helps you to know what all work have you completed at just a glance without depending much on your memory.

Top 3 eco-friendly gadgets of 2013

eco-friendly gadgets, gadgetsWith the rising concern for the ecology it is best to go for eco friendly gadgets for your home and lifestyle. The top 3 eco-friendly gadgets for the year 2013 is as follows:
1. The Brunton Solar roll is a solar cell sheet made from Tefzel Fluoropolymer for durability, this can be used to charge your mobile phone, a digital camera or even your car battery using only Solar power. It comes in different models for different power output.
2. The Plexton plex eraser is the most eco friendly way to go with CDs and DVDs. They erase the data present in them completely without actual need for destroying them which releases some harmful toxins in the process.
3. The USBCell is an alkaline cell which can be charged by connecting it to the USB port of a computer. This is one great way to deal with cells that come handy for all battery operated devices.

Tablets for school and college kids

Tablets for kid's, kid's gadgetsAfter the laptops, the tablets are the latest examples of the tremendous technological advancement in the present world. The modern tablets allow you to surf internet, download applications, take pictures, and see videos and other things which a computer can do.

In short the tablets are minimized and portable version of the computers. The tablets have proved of immense importance for the students as well as busy corporate personalities. School and college kids can use the tablets to surf internet whenever they need to download any educational materials.

They can even download the e-book version of some books and read them in the tablet. When in schools and colleges, they can send some important e-mails sitting in their class room. Many schools and almost all colleges have nowadays approved the use of tablets by the students. However the prices of the tablets are the main obstruction for the students in some cases. To solve this government is collaboration with some companies have come up tablets which are affordable for the students as well as can serve all the necessary purposes.

Onkyo Digital Picture Frame Has HDMI Port For Secondary Monitor Usage

The Onkyo digital picture frame is possibly the best digital picture frame that has ever been produced by any company. It is a high quality picture frame that can be used with anything with ease. The attachment is very useful as it is a multi-dimensional digital frame. It is better to say it a 10-inch screen that can be used as a portable display. It can be attached with digital video games to play these video games with ease. The quality of the screen is as good as LED backlit monitors.

The resolution of the picture frame is something wonderful. The design of the picture frame is very attractive that you would probably fall in love with it in your very first glimpse at it. The price of this fantastic piece of digital frame is also manageable as you can buy it only for $230. Your collection of digital frames is incomplete without Onkyo digital picture frame.

Panasonic RP-HJE 130 headphones

The Panasonic Rp-HJE 130 headphones are simply amazing because of the exceptional sound quality that they have. These are made keeping in mind the passionate music lovers and these look very stylish and sleek and are bound to be loved by all. There is a rich bass response and fine tuning which is delivered because of the Acoustic Pressure Control.

To get powerful and rich sound the headphones have neodymium magnets. For precision high and low end sound the headphones are equipped with impressive frequency response. It has 12.5 mm drivers, impedance of 16 Omega and sensitivity of 106dB. To prevent tangling it has a cord slider. These have a nice packaging and this is what will instantly draw the consumers to use it. The earphones are shaped like eight notes and have the connecting bar in form of an eight line remote. These are great to look at and will be loved by all music lovers.