Review Of HTC One

HTC OneHTC One is one of the three versions that HTC has launched for this phone. It has cool features and the design, technicalities and innovation has made it one of the best smartphones in the market.

Design– the design of the phone attracts the attention of all smartphone users. The light weight metal casing makes the appearance of this phone simply wonderful. Unlike other some other smartphones, HTC has not used plastic to make the cover of the phone. This assures the user that even if the phone drops from their hand it will not break.

Screen quality- With a screen as big as 4.7 inches, the phone has a video resolution of 1080p which is the best for viewing purposes. Although the screen is not as big as Sony Experia Z which is 5 inches but once you get the phone in hand all the complaints will automatically disappear.

Display– since the phone has a big screen it is needless to say that there will be no problem in seeing anything. Unlike Apple iphones where people face difficulty in reading texts because of the contrast with the background color and the background light this phone does not have any such flaws. Everything is crystal clear and your eyes will not be stressed at all.

4G data facility– many of the smartphones in the market still do not have the 4G facility in them but the HTC One is not one of them. So wherever you are in this world if you have a reception for internet then you are plugged to the world.