What is Speaker Cables?

Speaker CablesOne of the most important components in a home theater system is the speaker cables. But there is a lot of information that makes it difficult for the people to decide which information is relevant and accurate. Some of the most important questions that are often present in the minds of the people getting the answers to which is very important are listed below:

What Is The Best Material: Majority of the speaker cables are made up of copper which is cheaply available and is not of a very good quality. Another failure of using copper is that it begins to corrode very soon and so a lot of cables now use the copper which is oxygen free and this prevents corrosion. Also to prevent corrosion silver plated copper is used which also helps to lower the resistance. But it should be noted that these are very expansive as compared to the normal copper wires.

What Thickness of Gauge Should be used? : Most of the home theater system makes the use of 16 gauge cable but many also use a 12 gauge thick cable.

How Should the Cable be connected? : Most of the people simply connect the end of the cable to their device but there are people who use banana plugs and spade terminals. Most people think that connectors do not add to the sound quality but it does add style to it along with making it easier to plug or unplug the cable. It basically depends on your decision whether you want to add cables or not.

Should Each Cable Be The Same Length? : Many people also say that the cables need to be of the same length in order to have a god sound quality but it is not so. You should use only that much amount of cable that you need.