Top 3 defects of android phone

defects of androidAndroid is the latest development of technology. It is an operating used widely in the mobile phones these days. In a very short time, android operating system has occupied a special place in the heart of the people. There are many amazing features of the android operating system. These attractive and indeed useful features are the main reasons why people are considering buying android phone over any other mobile phones. But in spite of having a number of attractive features, there are certain disadvantages of the android mobile phones as well. For this reason few people say that android phone is not suitable to serve the purpose it is actually meant for.

The first and the biggest problem of the android phone is the battery backup. The battery of any android phone does not have much of usable time. This is because android being a highly advanced operating system, whether or not you are using the phone, there are certain processes which run on the back ground. These processes do require certain amount of charge and thus the battery standby time is automatically reduced. Though there are many attractive features and applications in the android phones, but while using you have to be very careful since prolonged use of those applications will lead to the reduction of battery charge at a very fast rate.

Android phone is also much prone to virus attack leading to crashing of the whole system. As with any other operating system, android can be easily attacked by virus. Thus you have to use antivirus softwares to protect the operating system and your device from the attack of any foreign software program. Installing a antivirus and using it not is not much difficult, but the price of some authentic and good antivirus is much high and will definitely burn a hole in your pocket.

Whenever you will use an android mobile phone, you will definitely use internet. In that case using antivirus software is essential and highly recommended to protect your device. Also as your computer becomes warm after prolonged use, same is the case with the android phone. But unlike the computers, the android mobile phones does not have any fans for cooling the internal parts and so prolonged use of android phone continuously for long period of time lead to its damage.