Top 3 eco-friendly gadgets of 2013

eco-friendly gadgets, gadgetsWith the rising concern for the ecology it is best to go for eco friendly gadgets for your home and lifestyle. The top 3 eco-friendly gadgets for the year 2013 is as follows:
1. The Brunton Solar roll is a solar cell sheet made from Tefzel Fluoropolymer for durability, this can be used to charge your mobile phone, a digital camera or even your car battery using only Solar power. It comes in different models for different power output.
2. The Plexton plex eraser is the most eco friendly way to go with CDs and DVDs. They erase the data present in them completely without actual need for destroying them which releases some harmful toxins in the process.
3. The USBCell is an alkaline cell which can be charged by connecting it to the USB port of a computer. This is one great way to deal with cells that come handy for all battery operated devices.