Android widgets: what are they?

Android widget, AndroidAndroids widgets are secured miniature useful application views, which can be embedded in other applications such as HOME screen, etc. and receive periodic updates. These various views are referred to as widgets in the user interface. If you are an android gadget user, then you can publish one of the widgets with an Android Widget provider. Android widgets are not fun to access but also fastest, accurate, efficient, and moreover, amazing visual. There are practically three kinds of android optimum versions. Android Sandwich Ice Cream, Android Os, Android Ginger Bread. These are mainly used in widgets like tabs and mobile tablets.

The widget’s tools are almost manufactured by various reputed companies, which are Samsung, Sony Ericson, Apple, Nokia & HTC. These are the leading companies which give you the best widgets application tools. This application provided the foremost designing view as well as if you are interested, you can create and design your own widget tools and execute your ideas on your own tech support gadget.