How to ensure that you receive clear Wi-Fi signal throughout your home

Wi-Fi signal Internet has become an absolute necessity and a daily requirement for a common human being. The internet is a store house of information and one can literally find anything on the internet. And to facilitate the use of internet sans the use of wires, technology has provided us with Wi-Fi. But sometimes, we are unable to catch the desired frequency resulting in weak signals.

With a few simple steps, this problem can be overcome and we can receive uninterrupted signal for a proper access to the world of internet. The first thing that needs to be checked is the position of the router in the house. A centralized location must be selected to allow a smooth transmission of signals. Also, one can run a speed test or a ping test if one still experiences weak signals.

Changing the router channels is also a very good option to improve the transmission of signals from the router to the computer and lastly, one can get the updated firmware for the router so that the transmission is without any hindrance and one can have proper access to the internet throughout the house

Connecting a wireless router all by yourself

wireless router, connect wireless routerTechnology is advancing at a rapid face so much so that at times, we feel left behind. First to arrive on the scene was the computer, then its peripherals, after that the concept of internet was brought forward and now, you are welcomed into the world of wireless connectivity with the help of a wireless router.

The greatest advantage of a wireless router is the absence of wires which limits mobility of both person and device. The work of a router is essentially to transmit data packets to and from the server to your computer. Setting up a wireless router is not as complicated as it sounds. After shutting down the computer, you have to first plug the power cords. Then, plug the CAT5 cable from the modem to the wireless router. On turning the computer on, a pop up should come stating that new hardware has been found. The final step involves installing the wireless router software on the computer with the help of the CD provided and by following the steps mentioned on the CD.