Mitsubishi Trium Sirius

The Mitsubishi Trium Sirius was introduced in the handset market in the year 2000. The phone looked primitive, no doubt. But for a handset at a time when the mobile market was just realizing its potential, Trium Sirius had remarkable features.

The phone is very compact. It weighs about 75 g and has the dimension of 104 by 53 by 22 mm. Although the handset does not even have a color screen resolution, yet the stylish exterior does not betray that. The exterior antennas and the fashionable flap (at the bottom), more than make-up for the other lacking features

Another remarkable feature of the handset is the facility of infrared. So even though the phone does not have built-in images or ring-tones that interest you, you can always get stuffs transferred to your handset from that of your friend’s.

The model has become obsolete now and thus is no longer in production.

SonyEricsson Z700

Most people would not have heard about the Sony Ericsson Z700. The reason is that late in the year 2002 the plan to launch the handset was cancelled by Sony although the model was all ready and just waiting to be launched. Apparently the model was too costly for its target group.

The handset weighed around 95 g and its dimensions were 91 by 50 by 24 mm. even though it was such an early model, it had the facility of Bluetooth. The battery life was also impressive, with a taking time of 9 hrs and a stand-by time of 260 hrs.

The model came in just one color- silver. It was a small handset, which had a stylish flap as well (near the mouthpiece). The very compactness of the model was its USP. But unfortunately, this petite beauty never hit the market!

Cooler MasterUSP 100

Most users would consider the 690 II Advanced by Cooler Master as the best product when it comes to dealing with thermal issues related to their CPUs. But Cooler Master has gone a step further to create USP 100 which comes with improved features.

The model weighs 7.2 kg/15.87 lbs and comes in a dimension of 8.43 by 19.02 by 20 inches. You would get 4 exposed 5.25 inch drive bay and 6 hidden 3.5 inch drive bay. Out of the total 7 drive bays of 3.5 inch, 4 are removable. Along with this you will also get 7 expansions slots.

The model comes in the standard black color. But for those who are tired of the conventional color, you’ll be glad to know that the front-side of the USP 100 has been done in red. And thus it looks anything but old-fashioned! The PSU owing to its placement in the bottom ensures optimum ventilation.

Dell Precision M6500

Precision M6500 is the latest from the Dell stable. The mobile workstation offers you features which would give most updated desktops a run for their value. To name a few, you would be getting Core i7 Extreme processor options, three hard drive slots to speed up your work, and up to 16 GB of RAM.

The capacity of the precision M6500 ranges up to 1 terabyte. Yes! You read it correct. This power-packed gadget comes with a 17 inch screen and is bound to become popular with the younger generation since it comes in an electric orange color body. But if that is not exactly your cup of tea then you can always go for the classic steel-colored body.

Some of the added features of this mobile workstation are the Bluetooth, the mobile broadband card (which is built into the gadget), and its ability to read fingerprint which ensures your personal data does not fall into the wrong hands.

Panasonic Lumix LX5

If you thought that Panasonic Lumix LX3 was the ultimate in the world of digital cameras, then it is time you updated yourself.

The new Panasonic Lumix LX5 has almost all the features of its older sibling, but it comes in greatly improved form. The gadget still comes with a 10 mega pixel CCD sensor, but its improved performance in low-lighting condition serves as its USP. Added to that, even the image processing engine had been improved. You would also get the added luxury of capturing your precious moments through the new Leica lens.

If you are one of those who can’t help clicking shots after shot of the same subject for perfection’s sake, then the LX5 would definitely lighten up your face because it has extended charge life to about 400 shots per charge. The much awaited gadget would be launched in late august this year, and its speculated that the price would be something around $500.

Samsung Camera ST100 and ST600

Samsung, the name that spells confidence in the electronic gadgets, has come up with unique models of cameras that are introduced in the market as ST100 and ST600. These two digital cameras are the latest from the manufacturers of world’s most powerful gadgets that are designed to make powerful impression upon you. Both these leading models of cameras come with unique 14.2 mega pixels of power.

You can put your picture with a zooming capacity of 5 times of original dimensions. The powerful lenses of both these models have the capacity to take pictures with amazing resolution and clarity. You can take both still and video pictures with these cameras with unique facilities. Not only that, you can also take photographs and edit, trim, and add special features to them by yourself using this camera itself. The special effects can also be added to the videos to make them look more attractive and real life.

The Compass iPad Stand

Your iPad is your precious asset that is a matter of proud for yourself. You take all possible measure to make them work properly. It is quite natural that you provide all safety measures to protect it from all harms. The Compass iPad Stand is a fantastic accessory that you can provide to your iPad.

These new stands are slightly different from the other available stands. However, its features are more reliable and dependable. These stands are available in a variety of designs and styles that can hold your iPad in a comfortable position and lay them flat on the table where you can find it easier to operate. These fantastic iPad stands are available at a very genuine price as you can buy them for only $39.99. The stand that is available in the dimension of 7 inches long and 1 foot wide is the best for your iPad as it places your gadget in the most comfortable manner.

WD’s My Passport Essential Hard Drives Get 5 Limited Edition Designs

The name of WD is taken with a lot of respect as it is the leader of the storage industry that provides enough facilities from time to time to collect manage and store their information in digital way.

The WD’s My Passport Essential Hard Drives are wonderful gadgets that can give you whole world of service as far as storage capacities are concerned. These products from WD are known for their unique capacity of storing digital data that can solve the problems of those professionals who need or require huge amount of data for their day to day works. These gadgets are available in five different designs and most of these designs come with 2.0 interface that does not require separate power supply. You can plug it in your PC and use its power to do your work with ease. These unique products are available with a 2-year warranty that is very satisfying for every buyer and user.

Fujifilm FinePix F300EXR

The newly introduced Fujifilm FinePix F300EXR cameras are new wonders in the field of digital camera experience. These action packed cameras are really gifts of unparallel technology that can give you a fantastic experience as far as digital photography is concerned. The auto focusing facility can benefit everyone, including people with experience or those who have taken these cameras even for the first time. The resolution of the lens is amazing that can give you pictures with fantastic clarity. You can take pictures in low light scenes as well. These cameras come with Phase Detection AF facility that is capable of taking picture in all situations.

This camera automatically selects the optimum focus system and the output is absolutely unbelievable. Most of the professional photographers all over the world prefer using these fantastic cameras for a complete experience of professionalism. You must buy this camera for a whole digital experience.

The Samsung GALAXY S

The name of Samsung mobile phones causes sensation these days because of their fantastic features and wonderful performances. The new range of Samsung Galaxy S series of mobile phones is available with fantastic features that catch your eyes. It comes with powerful 1GHz CPU Speed that makes possible for you to download various applications easily.

The dimensions of these mobile phones are 64.2 X 122.4 X 9.9 mm and it weighs 119g only. It supports GPRS and EDGE. The technology has the capacity to integrate SNS and email with calendar accounts. It comes with 5.0 Megapixel AF camera that is capable of taking amazing picture both still and video. You can be amazed to see the picture quality which is simply of HD quality. The sound capacity is also give you an experience of out of this world. You can play all types of music files on it including MP3, MP4, etc. the 3.5mm ear jack is absolutely fantastic for your ears.