Sony BDP-N460 Review

Blu ray technology has changed the face of disc-player. Sony was the pioneer in this field. However, most potential buyers are reluctant to invest heavily on new technology owing to the fear of risk. Thus the manufacturers have no option but to deliver inexpensive products which therefore has limited features. Sony has done that so far. But the new Sony BDP-N460 is a revolution. For the same price now Sony is offering a range of new features to its buyers.

The most notable difference is in the improved picture quality. This means that your entire viewing experience would be tremendously altered. Added to that you will get to enjoy unlimited online media access, be it audio or video. The Youtube interface has also been improved (to the relief of most users!).

However, it is disappointing g that the load-time is still very slow. Moreover, the HDMI cable is also not included in the package.

Droid 2 Review

If you thought that Droid was the ultimate Motorola had to offer to its buyers then think again. The mobile giant has come with the sequel of the original Droid – Droid 2. Weight-wise and dimension-wise it is exactly the same as the previous version. However, function-wise it is a lot more improved.

For those who have to use the keyboard a lot there is good news. The new-gen Droid comes with double width alt and shift keys. This would no doubt make the keyboard a lot more user-friendly! The earlier version phone was available only in standard black color. However, now you can get the Droid 2 in sculpted dark chrome.

The position of the mic has also been changed for maximum voice clarity. Along with this, the raised shortcut buttons at the edge have also undergone change. They have been lowered in height so as to make them blend with the body.

Cash Cab for iPhone / iPod

The program Cash Cab had become a raging success around the globe since it was aired on the Discovery channel. That was back in 2005. The immense popularity of the show made the gaming world aware of the potential of cash cab gaming software.

It is needless to say that iPhone/ iPod would give you relatively the best experience when it comes to playing Cash Cab on your mobile phone. So while you are sitting in your drawing room you can make yourself feel lucky to be selected by the cash cab team, by simply starting the game on your iPone / iPod.

As the time ticks away the question would get harder. But make sure not to miss three questions in a row, or you will be thrown out of the cab!!

The game is easily downloadable from the internet. Price of the game would be something between 1 to 2 dollars.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

If you thought that nothing could compete with iPad and give it a run for its value, then it is time you updated yourself. The new Samsung Galaxy Tablet weighs .82 pound and come in a 7 inch frame.

The storage capacity of this device is amazingly vast. You would get 16 GB of internal memory along with 32 GB of expandable external memory! And before you wonder about the software details we would give it away to you. The device runs the latest Android operating system. Nothing much is known about this latest addition in the Samsung-stable. However, it is rumored that the company would tie-up with Vodafone for partnership.

Speculations are that that the tablet would either be called Galaxy Tape or Galaxy Tab. Well, we hope that this wonderful gadget hits the market very soon so that enthusiasts like us can finally get over with the wait!!

MSI WindPad

After the iPad, now it is time for the WindPad. MSI plans to launch this new magic notebook in the year 2010 itself. Perhaps the only counts on which it differs from a notebook is that it doesn’t have a keyboard.

The touch-screen capacity is of 1024 by 600 mm. and it comes with 32 GB SSD and 2
GB of RAM. The WindPad runs on the latest OS. Any idea which one? Well, its Windows 7!!

Basically the WindPad resembles a notebook in every respect, except that it runs a lot smoother than a notebook. Nothing has yet been finalized regarding the price of the set. However, the estimation is that this wonderful device would become a possession of the public at a mere $500.

So say bye-bye to the conventional laptops and notebooks, its time gadgets like WindPad changed your life-style.

Onkyo Digital Picture Frame Has HDMI Port For Secondary Monitor Usage

The Onkyo digital picture frame is possibly the best digital picture frame that has ever been produced by any company. It is a high quality picture frame that can be used with anything with ease. The attachment is very useful as it is a multi-dimensional digital frame. It is better to say it a 10-inch screen that can be used as a portable display. It can be attached with digital video games to play these video games with ease. The quality of the screen is as good as LED backlit monitors.

The resolution of the picture frame is something wonderful. The design of the picture frame is very attractive that you would probably fall in love with it in your very first glimpse at it. The price of this fantastic piece of digital frame is also manageable as you can buy it only for $230. Your collection of digital frames is incomplete without Onkyo digital picture frame.

Onkyo Rolls Out the First 3D-Ready and THX-Certified Home Theater In a Box

The Onkyo First 3D-Ready and THX-Certified Home Theater In a Box is the best choice for all those people who love to get the best visual and sound effect when watching a movie on the home theatre system. It has a 12” sub, seven theatre loudspeakers and it is compatible with all the latest 3D gear that is available.

The videos can be up scaled to 1080p and it has four 3D ready HDMI inputs. The DTS High def audio processing and Dolby make the sound experience simply amazing and everyone is bound to love it. The home theatre system is priced at an affordable price considering the features it has and the experience it gives to the users. This is the first integrated home theatre system from Onkyo and it wins all the way. This offers remarkable value for money to the users and is a must check out for all those who love to laze and relax watching movies on their home theatre system.

Panasonic’s HDC-SDX1 and HM-TA1 HD Camcorders

The Panasonic HDC-SDX1 and HM-TA1 HD Camcorder are known to be the lightest camera available with full high definition. The camera is 1920 X 1080 pixel mobile video camera and weighs less than .41lb. it can be used for video chatting and as a webcam and it easily fits into the pocket.

It looks very stylish and due to the lightweight is very usable. The zoom solves the purpose of a microphone and a webcam which helps users to use online chat programs easily. To edit and load the pictures, the camcorder uses the Apple iFrame video format. It helps the users to directly upload the pictures and videos to any social networking site that they want to. It is easy to do an electrical and optical hand shake correction in the camcorder with the optical image stabilization system. One can record in the MP4 format and the intelligent auto mode itself chooses the best mode for the pictures.

Samsung HMX-E10

This point and shoot model from Samsung is the latest to hit the market. It has a 270 degree swiveling lens. With this camera one can shoot still pictures of 8 mega pixel and 1090p 30fps videos. To offload the content to the computer, there is a USB port which makes it very easy to transfer data and also to recharge the battery.

There are very simple and easy to use hardware buttons and the display is of a touch screen of 2.7 inches. When one plugs the camera on the computer they can use the Samsung Intelli studio with which they can edit the pictures the way they like it and also transfer content to sharing sites like You Tube. There is a micro SD slot and there are plenty of effects which one can use easily. The camera is reasonably priced and is available in white and black colors.

Amazon Kindle 2

The Kindle 2 has moved far away from its original version. This in no way looks awkward and is shaped like a bigger iPhone. It is a big rectangular shaped device with rounded edges. It has a standard and a familiar looking keyboard and instead of the rectangular keys it has round and small pellets which look good and are easier to use.

The previous and the next buttons are located in a better way and thus there is no inconvenience of pressing them every now and then. It has a five way rocker and the slider control is not there in this version which makes it easier to use. It comes with a volume rocker and a USB port and it has a smooth and flat aluminum back. The screen is good and can show 16 shades of grey which adds on to the experience of using the Kindle 2.