Logitech G700 Gaming Mouse

Like any other computer hardware, the mouse is also evolving each day. Recently, Logitech announced the Gaming mouse, G700. The mouse has multiple profiles, thirteen configurable buttons and is comfortable to use and this can enable the user to use it for playing for long hours.

The packaging of the mouse is the same as many other Logitech mouse. In the box, one gets the G700, receiver extension cable, gaming receiver and a charging cable. The mouse is designed for right hand gamers and has an amazing design. The grip of the mouse is good and this makes it very comfortable to be used for long hours. There are 13 buttons on the mouse and most of these can be discovered easily and can be used by touch. All buttons have labels and this makes the placement of the buttons very functional and easily accessible. The mouse is great and a must buy for all who want a gaming mouse.